Bitkolo - Free E-Learning CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform.

Get your 5 Virtual Bitcoins and learn how to trade over 1000 CryptoCurrencies for free.

Bitkolo - Free E-Learning CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform

Real Time Data

Learn how to trade on real Live data from the biggest exchanges in the world at real time.

Risk Free

Trade with demo funds, Don't risk your money, learn how to trade before investing real money.

Top Traders

Compare yourself with other traders and compete at our trading tournaments, our top traders receive great prizes.

How does it work?

You simply sign-up, get 5 virtual bitcoins and start trading. The platform interfaces in real time with the leading cryptocurrency exchanges so trading happens in the real world but not with real money.

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Bitkolo - Free E-Learning CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform

Bitcoin Fever Master Class

So how can you take your first step without losing all your money? Meet the trading platform. A first of its kind website that will let you securely try your hand at trading different kinds of cryptocurrencies with virtual bitcoins.

Detailed Real Time CryptoCurrencies Data

Every coin has its own page with full detailed information like, Coin description, video, graphs, prices and links to the coin website.

Bitkolo - Free E-Learning CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform

Who is it for?

We realized there was nowhere to experiment with virtual currencies before investing real money. So we decided to close the gap and provide a demo trading platform with all the tools of a real exchange – save for the real money.

Bitkolo - Free E-Learning CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform

Over 1000 CryptoCurrencies

With most CryptoCurrencies traded in Real Exchanges, we provide you with the most extensive experience before investing real money.

  • Read and learn about each coin.

  • Watch a short video about the coin.

  • Analyze each coin history by inspecting real time graphs.

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trade bitcoin
trade bitcoin
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trade ETH
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trade QTUM
trade bcc
trade UBQ
trade BLITZ

Frequently Asked

We are here to help, so we have gathered the most frequent questions and answered them as best as we can, if you still have questions, feel free to contact us at

1. Is it real money?

No. it's a virtual platform. its only designed for learning not trading real money.

2. Is it free?

Yes, it's totally free, no payment or trial period.

3. Where is the data coming from?

The data is retrieved from Real Exchanges at real time via API

4. What is the Top Traders section?

Top Traders is the place where you can see where are you located in reference to other traders and can see thier portfolio.

5. How do i Join?

Click the SignUp button above and start trading.

Bitkolo - Free E-Learning CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform